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marriage minded models who want to meet you

marriage minded models who want to meet you


Happy To Gather

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Adult Sensuous Outreach {A.S.O.} Celebration

Yearly on July 27~31

You think your adult group would want to find a time where you can all gather and celebrate together, be it an anniversary, a special celebration, a promotion, a divorce if not a wedding, and you want plenty of time to make the most of being together. This is your time and your chance to feel Happy To Gather at THE GRAND BARN with our yearly A.S.O. celebration

The idea is to give every mature adult, looking for friendship, the opportunity to meet those in like-situations. Since it is well known that the notion of Nudity is also well received at TGB it might add spices to your 5 day long opportunity to be Happy To Gather. .

To be repeated yearly, this event appeals to all adult people who want to meet others - no strings attached - yet, the possibility to initiate interesting friendships. Potlucks, music, excursions, workshops are suggested.

Pass Privilege $125/person.
Non-members pay $30/day~person at the gate.

Non-members pay $25/day~person if reserved and paid in advance.

T.W.A.N. members pay $15/day-person (another good reason to join T.W.A.N./TGB membership)

Advanced Reservation

Supreme and Personal TGB Members only pay for the food and can get needed accommodation at Members' Price and only need advanced reservation for accommodations.