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Convergence: Yearly August 5-15

11 Days of the Flower Power and Child of The Universe re-lived era. The longest of its kind, as all participants are bringing back the days of Hopes & Dreams of a better World, with Peace & Love as the main ingredients, and making of this Global Vision a palpable reality. A chance to meet and make new friends. Adults will feel most involved with this one, as it becomes a communal lesson of showing the world around that Peace and Understanding is what all ethnic groups should aim at.
This is an event that is as adultly basic as can be. People are invited to converge from any area of the globe, all adult visitors finding themselves in the spirit of Nomadic travelers meeting and celebrating humanity as it should be. Loving and Caring for one another. Helping rather than distancing and help the younger ones to realize there is hope in the future of humanity and discussing on how to solve our problems as the leading race on this planet.
Our 2-3 nights of meteor showers are a sight in itself worth the price of admission. Bring your camping gears. There should be plenty of music, workshops, seminars, conferences. Attendance is invited to organize such. Reserve in advance.

Pass Privilege $200/person.

Non-members pay $20/day~person at the gate.

T.W.A.N. members pay $15/day-person (another good reason to join T.W.A.N./TGB membership)

Advanced Reservation

Supreme and Personal TGB Members only pay for the food and can get needed accommodation at Members' Price and only need advanced reservation for accommodations.