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Yearly: June 25-30

Homophobia can be proven wrong if those of the GAY community can come to'gay'ther to an event specially meant for them, where all concerns can be addressed/discussed, as both sexes are equally invited to come forward. A 6 day reunion where all those involved in the safeguard of one's right for personal choice can show a communal solidarity in patronizing an outlet that does not discriminate, neither judge against them. Some surprise figures in the movement are being invited and it's hopeful they'll be able to participate. 6 days to give plenty of time to solidify the ties between different parties, to better know each others and strengthen the needed bond for the year ahead. To be repeated on the same dates, yearly, if response is satisfactory.
Pass Privilege $150/person.
Non-members pay $30/day~person at the gate.

Non-members pay $25/day~person if reserved and paid in advance.
T.W.A.N. members pay $15/day-person (another good reason to join T.W.A.N./TGB membership)

Supreme and Personal  TGB Members only pay for the food and can get needed accommodation at Members' Price and only need advanced reservation for accommodations.

Advanced Reservation