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May 27~31

Art at Heart

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There are many great artists who are also fully "At Ease With Nudity" and are very open-minded. The idea is to gather as many as can be, along with those who want to find out about those Artists' skilled work(s) and maybe even encourage them by purchasing some of their talented pieces of Artistry. This yearly event, where artists come present their work, is an invitation for those who may feel unrecognized and think they deserve being given the credit they ought to get. Sketching, posing models, body painting and all other creative and artistic projects are tentatively on the agenda. It's your chance to make of this event your opportunity to meet other talented ones and create that cooperative artistic presence in this world of friendly talented people.You can rent some of our stalls if you want to expose your artwork and sale it to the public.

Pass Privilege is $100/person.
General Amission: $20/day-person
T.W.A.N. members pay $15/day-person (another good reason to join T.W.A.N./TGB membership)
Supreme and Personal  TGB Members only pay for the food and can get needed accommodation at Members' Price and only need advanced reservation for accommodations.

Advanced Reservation